A thank you

On Friday, I completed the manuscript for my second cookery book. I had a crazy week last week trying to get everything done, as I was really unwell the week before last.

I like to think I’m a very organised person, and am good at getting big projects done in a tight turnaround, but this has been something else.

Across all three books, I’m writing several hundred recipes, which is challenging in itself. But then there is making sure every recipe is fully tested and works perfectly. This is harder than it appears to get right, as everyone likes different foods, everyone’s oven is different and people interpret recipes differently.

I’ve had so much help testing recipes from such a wonderful group of people. Some are friends and family. Some are bloggers and food writers I know. And some are strangers who I’ve never even met, but have willingly volunteered to help me.

I’ve been really bowled over by how much help I’ve had and just how lovely everyone’s been; helping me without question when I’ve been really short on time, and offering really useful feedback and even photos. People have shared their advice and knowledge with me. It’s not all been spot on first time, but it’s such a wonderful feeling when someone tells you how much they love your recipe and will be cooking it for years to come. It makes up for all the recipes that didn’t work quite right first time and ended up in the recycling bin, and for when those wretched muffins took nine attempts to get them right and had me in tears at stupid o’clock wondering just what else I could do to make them work.

I hope I’ll be able to thank everyone properly in due course. I wake up at 3am worrying that I’ve forgotten to thank a tester for their help. Logistically it’s been challenging keeping up with it all. Tony sorted out the second half of my inbox, all emails from testers, and was up until the wee hours several nights in a row…

So I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who’s been helping me so far. I appreciate your help so much.

Now, I have less than a month to write the third book. And I’m on photoshoot next week. 166 recipes to go. Bring it on. Best get back to chopping some more onions…




  1. I had no idea quite how many recipes you are having to create for your books. I am astounded and so impressed by how well you handle the pressure. Lots of luck with the last round of recipes and it’s good to hear you have lots of support!

  2. Jayne says:

    166 recipes left, gosh you really are a Wonder Woman!! Good luck on the home stretch! x

  3. very well done Charlotte. And of course the best of luck. let me know if you need any more recipes to test x

  4. Ren Behan says:

    I think you’ve been set an unprecedented challenge! Three cookery books in such a short space of time seems almost impossible but you’ve almost made it and I’m sure the hours and hours of very hard work will all be worthwhile. I am so looking forward to seeing the final versions of your recipes in your BOOKS! xxx

    • Thank you for stopping by Ren. It’s certainly been challenging, but I’m sure it will be worthwhile. For all the hard work, it has been really fun and exciting at the same time. Thank you for all your help. I can’t wait to see the final books too – had some sneaky pages sent through this week, it’s a strange experience seeing it put together for the first time! x

  5. Choclette says:

    Gosh, not long to go now Charlotte. I do hope you will take a proper break when it’s all finished. I don’t know how you’ve managed to keep up with it all. I’ve loved the few recipes I’ve tried so far so crossing fingers that your books will be a huge success. Good luck with the last lap.

  6. Karen says:

    All of the recipes I have tested have been so wonderful, no tweaks needed! Do shout if you need any more testing done, and I hope my notes made sense that I sent you! Well done you and I am so impressed with the job that you are doing, you are an inspiration Charlotte. Karen xxxx

  7. Karen says:

    Ps: some photos I sent you bounced back, too big, but I have them saved if of ever need them! Karen

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