Rye, caraway and sultana bread

Rye, caraway and sultana bread

Today, I have another recipe which I came across this week, thanks to Vivien Lloyd. Having spent a super day at her Somerset home on monday, I came away thinking about the delicious lunch we enjoyed. Vivien is an excellent cook and baker, and to accompany our lunch, we had some homemade rye, caraway and sultana bread. I enjoyed it so much I was keen to have a go at the earliest opportunity.

Vivien told us that the recipe was from Dough, the book written by Bath-based baker Richard Bertinet. Sadly, this is a book which does not feature in my extensive collection, so I set about trying to find a rye bread recipe I could adapt.

I consulted several books on my shelves and couldn’t find anything quite right. Dan Lepard used vinegar, which I thought might overpower. Emmanuel Hadjiandreu uses a rye starter and frankly, I was too impatient to have a go at that. I ended up using this recipe I found on the Guardian website, for a quick rye loaf. It is, in fact made from 50% rye flour and 50% white bread flour which does make it that bit lighter and less intensely flavoured. I used some light rye flour from Shipton Mill.  I added a tablespoon of caraway seeds at the start of the recipe with the dry ingredients and 250g of sultanas just before kneading the bread. Other than that, I followed the instructions. I baked it in a 2lb loaf tin, and this recipe made two loaves.

We preferred to eat this bread on its own, sliced with a spreading of Jersey butter. The combination of caraway seeds and sultanas is really interesting and well-balanced. I’ll definitely be making this again very soon.


  1. Ele says:

    This sounds so delicious! What an amazing combination. Perfect for breakfast on a rainy Sunday morning! x

  2. That does sound delicious, now Ed seems to be bread maker in chief in this house I will get him onto this asap!

  3. This sounds great and actually I would prefer this to a fully rye loaf which I find too intense a flavour. What a good combination and one `I will definitely try myself. I am making most of our bread at home now and this would be a great hit with the family!

  4. Jacqueline says:

    That looks wonderful Charlotte.

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