Day Ten – Milking the cows and a Mexican feast


 I wasn’t feeling too sprightly as my alarm went off this morning. I’ve felt really tired the last couple of days. I was down at the dairy for 7.45 to turn the cheeses we made last night and to help milk the cows. Eileen who looks after the herd is a lovely lady and it was so enjoyable being out and watching the sun rise from the milking parlour.

I wrote my order of work in a hurry late last night and I was concerned I would be in a bit of a pickle this morning as I had quite a lengthy curry recipe to tackle, which wasn’t too hard, but had lots of ingredients to prep.  Fortunately, I managed OK and made curry, bread and a jelly. I received my first 9* for my soda bread – so nearly a 10!


I was on duty over lunch, so managed to eat early and then got stuck into laying tables and polishing cutlery. I even managed to get a little pudding to take back to our cottage. The lemon pudding we made today was really lovely.

After lunch, we had a lecture with Rory again, which was good. I like his sense of humour. We covered a number of delicious Mexican dishes, plus some other bits and bobs including Marmalade and pulse identification. I do hope I get to make marmalade on Thursday. My partner has chosen to make it, but I plan to ask if I can too!


I returned to the school this evening for a talk on Irish food history, which Darina had organized, which was quite interesting. Tomorrow, I plan to join the garden lecture first thing, and then we have a day of theory which will focus on cheese, butter and yoghurt making amongst other things. Now, I’m going to try and finish up my work and get an early night – I am just so tired!


  1. Your bread looks wonderful and what a fantastic mix of skills you’re learning – from milking cows to making yoghurt! Hope you get to make the marmalade.

    • Thank you so much Andrea – it’s certainly varied!! Managed to make the marmalade. It’s soaking tonight and I will cook it tomorrow. Hope I can’t burn it in the way I burnt jam….!

  2. I am so happy you got a good mark for your soda bread, did you use your own recipe or do you have to follow theirs? I also think you should make the marmalade, I have to demo it next week so have to practice at the weekend using Vivien’s recipe!
    Hope your tiredness passes, it does sound full on indeed.

    • Thank you so much Laura. We have to follow their recipes. I think their lovely homemade buttermilk makes a difference. I have got to make the marmalade luckily, which I cook tomorrow. I can’t follow Viv’s recipe though, sadly!

  3. Jenny Davies says:

    Wooo! Get you with your 9* soda bread! 😀 Well done – it does look fabulous. :) You sound as though you need to get some serious shuteye and try to give your brain some down time. Although, when there are things to be done like milking cows and marmalade making, I can quite understand why you’re so shattered!

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