Days Eight and Nine – Chicken and cheese


I didn’t manage to do much on Sunday apart from a visit to the gym and my homework, which I still haven’t finished. Monday morning went well in the kitchen. I was in the same kitchen on Monday morning, but it felt like a calmer, more ordered place to work, which suited me much better. I scored three 9s for my cooking which I was pleased with. I was nearly at a 10 for my chicken dish, but I overcooked the chicken by about a minute. Damn!

We had an interesting talk from Rory in the afternoon focussing on chicken which has been a bit of a theme for the last few days. I can now efficiently joint a chicken (another score of 9/10). We have been looking at uses for all part of the chicken and I have discovered I now like chicken skin which Ballymaloe serve baked. It is rather delicious.


After classes today, I joined Tim down in the dairy to make cheese. More on this to come soon. I have to dash down there to turn the cheese and milk the cows before this morning’s cooking. More from me later!



  1. Charlotte, I am so enjoying your updates, the course seems to be complete immersion, not just in cooking, but in food production, I think it’s wonderful that you milk the cows, feed the hens and make cheese.
    Well done on those great marks and have a fabulous second week. Jude x

  2. lynn Hill says:

    Same here. Your posts are the most eagerly awaited. I love reading them. Good luck this week. I made soda bread from one of Darina’s books the other day. The men in my life loved it.

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