Day 33


Today’s cooking went quite well. I wasn’t that happy with what I produced, but it could have been worse. It was my first day of cooking in Kitchen 3, which was great. It is a totally different kitchen to the others I have been in to date. It’s much calmer and more organised. My teacher, Florrie was so lovely and helpful, too, which made such a difference.

I had quite a lot to do and ended up making three breads, mayonnaise, filleting a cod, making a main dish, lemon curd and this lemon meringue pie. Although it was a little brown on top, and my piping wasn’t great (I missed the demo and their piping ideas were much better than mine), it was perfect inside, with the layers staying separate and it cutting cleanly. So that was good.

This afternoon, we had a good demo with Rachel, and cooked a rabbit, which was lovely. Tomorrow, I am making a casserole, a mushroom dish and a salad with homemade mayonnaise, so I think that will keep me busy, but shouldn’t be too bad. And then, the weekend is nearly here again. Tomorrow night I’m off to this wine event at Ballymaloe House, which sounds rather fun, so hopefully, this rather mixed week will end on a high!


  1. Its interesting how the kitchens vary so much and I am wondering if the teaching style can make a big difference to what you get out of the course. I am with you on enjoying a calmer and o organised kitchen, hope it will give the best results!

  2. So glad things are better and that you are better. Enjoy the wine event and have a good weekend.

  3. maria says:

    Your pie looks fab, m.

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