Relief. And joy.

Whilst I was away last week, I received the news that an envelope had arrived for me. From Ireland. This could only be one thing: the results from my cookery course had arrived.

I was then presented with a dilemma. Do I wait a fortnight until I return, or do I have them opened for me? Well, I couldn’t wait. And so I waited nervously in my Abu Dhabi hotel room, until these photos pinged into my inbox.




It took a moment for the contents of the emails to sink in. I had passed. And then I burst into tears.

I genuinely cannot describe how delighted and relieved I was to get my results. More so, I think than any other exams I’ve ever done. I certainly found these the toughest, in every way. Blood, sweat, tears, three months of my life and a huge chunk of cash have been poured into the course.

I found it really tough: more so than I expected I would, but in different ways, but I look back feeling so glad I have done it. And totally and utterly thrilled to have passed.


  1. Bill King says:

    Brilliant! Makes it all worth while!

  2. Well done Charlotte, your marks are amazing, I know it was incredibly hard, but I still envy you, John and the other students, it just struck me that it was an incredible opportunity to study with Darina, Rory and Rachel, and in such a wonderful place.

  3. Very many congratulations and well done you! Such a wonderful reward for such a lot of effort. As time goes on, you’ll look back on the whole thing and (hopefully) remember more of the good bits and less of the angst. :) Well done! ~applause~

  4. Lynn says:

    Many congratulations Charlotte. Well deserved.

  5. Jayne says:

    Congratulations! Fab results, well done you! xxx

  6. I am so pleased for you Charlotte, what an achievement!

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