Some ideas for a barbecue


As the weather has been so nice over the last few weeks, we’ve fired up the barbecue several times. Even on a weeknight, it makes for a lovely evening – a chance for us to sit in the sun and enjoy our garden with a glass of wine whilst our supper cooks next to us.

I like to experiment with the meat and vegetables I cook on the barbecue, and thought I’d share some of my most successful discoveries with you.

First, the meat and fish:

Burgers – I always make the beef burger recipe from my book (The Hungry Student Cookbook, Quercus, 2013, Page 103.) It is, without question, our favourite burger recipe ever, and I like to use really good quality beef and serve them slightly charred on the outside and pink on the inside.

Lamb – I like barbecued Barnsley chops. The meat on the bone is full of flavour, and it is very easy to cook them with a lovely chargrilled outside, whilst still keeping the meat pink inside.

Cod – we love this. Take a large piece of line-caught cod fillet and wrap with two slices of proscuitto – one going in each direction to entirely cover the fish. Cook on both sides until the ham is crispy.


We LOVE BBQ asparagus. I remove the ends of the stalks, toss them in a little extra virgin olive oil (L’Estornell is a favourite) and season before barbecuing for just a few minutes, turning regularly. We can easily eat a bunch each.

Aubergines are amazing cooked in this way. I slice them thickly, season and drizzle with oil first. Cook until charred on the outside and meltingly soft in the centre. Amazing with the grilled Barnsley chops.

Whole peppers are wonderful cooked whole. I simply place them straight onto the grill, turn every ten minutes or so until charred. I skin them, remove the seeds and season. They do take around an hour to do, but are worth the wait.

Sweet potatoes. Simply wrap them in foil and cook until tender, which will take at least an hour. A really delicious accompaniment to any of the above.

And for dessert, we love halved white nectarines, sprinkled with brown sugar and wrapped in foil. Cook for 30-35 minutes on the grill whilst you are eating your mains.



  1. I would happily join you in all of your BBQ choices, especially the cod wrapped in prosciutto. I also enjoy BBQ salmon and who could ever beat a good burger. Nectarines though, I haven’t yet tried like this, sounds like a brilliant idea!

  2. Oh the BBQ cod does sound good. We have a BBQ frenzy whenever we are away and have access to one. We have to get outside space before next summer.

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